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Rinjani Majesty: 3-Day Sembalun-Toren Hike Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Mount Rinjani 3-day and 2-night tour, featuring the mesmerizing Sembalun-Toren hike. Located in the heart of Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is a majestic volcano that beckons adventurers from around the world. Our carefully curated tour takes you on a thrilling journey through lush landscapes, rugged terrains, and serene lakes, all while providing you with an authentic taste of Lombok’s natural beauty and rich culture.

Your adventure begins in the charming village of Sembalun, where you’ll meet our experienced guides and porters. After registering with the Rinjani National Park authorities, the trek commences. Day one leads you through picturesque savannahs and grasslands as you gradually ascend towards the Sembalun Crater Rim. There, you’ll set up camp and be treated to awe-inspiring sunset views over the expanse of Mount Rinjani, a truly magical experience

The highlight of your journey awaits on day two as you rise before dawn to conquer the summit of Toren. Though challenging, the steep ascent is rewarded with breathtaking sunrise vistas. Afterward, the trek leads you to the stunning Segara Anak Lake nestled within Rinjani’s caldera. Spend your afternoon swimming, exploring, and rejuvenating by the lake before descending to Senaru Village on the third day, where your adventure concludes. This trek promises not just a physical challenge but also a spiritual and cultural journey through Indonesia’s natural wonder. Join us and make memories that will last a lifetime on our Mount Rinjani 3-day and 2-night Sembalun-Toren hike tour.

Tour Itinerary :

  • Day 1: Sembalun Village to Sembalun Crater Rim

    • Morning: Arrival in Sembalun Village, meet your tour guide and porters.
    • Late Morning: Register with the Rinjani National Park authorities.
    • Afternoon: Begin the trek through the lush foothills of Mount Rinjani.
    • Evening: Arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim (Plawangan Sembalun) for your first campsite setup.
    • Night: Enjoy dinner as you take in the spectacular sunset views of the surrounding landscape.

    Day 2: Summit (Toren) and Segara Anak Lake

    • Early Morning: Wake up in the early hours (around 2-3 AM) for a pre-dawn hike to the summit of Toren.
    • Sunrise: Reach the summit and witness the breathtaking sunrise over Mount Rinjani.
    • Morning: Descend back to your campsite for a hearty breakfast.
    • Late Morning: Begin your descent toward Segara Anak Lake, located within the Rinjani caldera.
    • Afternoon: Arrive at Segara Anak Lake, where you can relax, swim (if desired), and explore the serene surroundings.
    • Evening: Set up your second campsite near the lake, with a clear view of the starry night sky.

    Day 3: Segara Anak Lake to Senaru Village

    • Morning: After breakfast, start your ascent from Segara Anak Lake to the crater rim (Plawangan Senaru).
    • Midday: Enjoy lunch on the crater rim while savoring panoramic views of the lake and the towering Mount Rinjani.
    • Afternoon: Begin your descent towards Senaru Village, taking in the natural beauty along the way.
    • Late Afternoon: Arrive in Senaru Village, marking the conclusion of your trek.
    • Evening: Transfer to your accommodation or the starting point, where you’ll have the opportunity to rest and reflect on your memorable Rinjani adventure.

    Please note that this itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions, group pace, and other factors that may affect the safety and enjoyment of the trek. It’s essential to book your tour with a reputable operator who can provide you with experienced guides, porters, and necessary equipment. Additionally, be prepared for varying weather conditions and physically challenging terrain during the hike.

  • Pick Up Service: Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur
  • Private tour + driver guide
  • Mineral water
  • Parking fee
  • Change of clothes
  • Cash for the entrance tickets and your other expenses

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